Just when I thought everything was chugging along nicely, I heard a screech, a bang, a crash (metaphorically), and look down to find a big, greasy wrench in the works. Somehow my blasted computer has gotten a virus. The kind that incessantly displays warnings and error messages all over your screen so that you really cannot get the blasted computer to function. This is not good news.

I’m typing this entry on Wordpad on the fiance’s computer — it feels like I’ve gone back in time here. Grrrr. I am going to work to try to get this issue resolved as soon as possible — but I wanted to let you know that if you saw a little less of me blogging, it wasn’t because I didn’t have plenty to say…it was because the machine I use to say it has turned traitor!
Have any of you ever called the “free” help line for your antivirus software? I have. The length of time it takes to access a human being is utterly astounding. And after each attempt to fix or get information from the machine, there is more waiting. More tooth-grinding, more sighing. More waiting.
Wish me luck everyone!