Your Natal Chart

The natal, or birth chart, describes our essential selves – it illuminates the who, what, when, how, and why of each individual. It illuminates our destiny – that big bull’s-eye each of us is heading toward. What does yours look like? Not like mine. Not like anyone else’s. The natal chart discusses the kinds of things, experiences, and people we’ll meet on the way to that destiny. It tells us who we are, deep inside – it tells us what our souls hunger for. It tells us what our personality looks like from the other side of the handshake. The natal chart also provides us with insights about who we’ll blossom into as we reach our maturity.

I include information with the natal chart that talks about the big and sweeping epochs of our lives – the big wheels of change and transformation that we’ll encounter. A sort of cosmic long-range planner, just for you.

This chart is personally compiled and analyzed – all the complimentary and contradictory parts of your unique self examined by myself, a real-live human being. This service includes a one-hour consultation when your chart is complete, and a printed copy of your unique chart to take home. (See the Numerology FAQ page on this site for more information).

Natal Chart: ($85.00)


Your Yearly Analysis

Each year of our lives, we walk through a cycle. Parts of our year are much more beneficial for starting new projects, or moving, or adding to our families than are others. Some parts of the year lend the helping energetic hand to wrapping things up, cutting ties, and finishing what we started. Each year of our lives is part of that cycle. Each month of the year builds a cycle. Each and every day of our lives contains a gift – the gift of the right environment to cultivate whatever it is we dream of or long for.

This chart makes a great annual addition to the Natal chart. Each year, our prospects change. Our cycle starts in a new place. The opportunities available to us occur at different times. Discover how you’re supported in all that you do and all that you choose with a yearly chart.

This service includes a full year-long prospectus for your personal Numerological year. It includes a 30 – 45 minute consultation and a complete, unique, printed explanation.

Yearly Analysis: ($35.00)


First Time Client Numerology Profile Package:

Never had your Numerology done before? Had it done elsewhere and unsatisfied? This is the best deal and most complete chart I offer. It combines the Natal Chart information, and the Yearly Analysis in one service. Please see above for details.

With this service, clients receive both a 60 – 90 minute consultation and their complete chart information printed out to take home with them. This package deal also offers the first time client a discounted price over the other two services individually.

(Complete Chart: $95.00)