Shoden – The First Teachings


Reiki Level I – First Degree Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Level I – Training & Attunement with Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher Carolyn Gaar, BA, RMT

This first level is about “plugging into” the Reiki energy and experiencing it directly. Learning Reiki involves an energy activation process called an “attunement” which is performed by the Reiki Master with each student. Through this initiation, students are opened to the flow of Reiki energy, which provides an energetic shift, allowing healing energies and enhanced intuitive insights to emerge. The initiation opens innate healing channels, enabling students to immediately tap into the flow of Reiki energy and perform healing sessions.

After being attuned to Reiki, students report having increased energy, self-awareness, peace, and compassion.

Topics covered in Reiki Level I :

  • An explanation of Reiki and how Reiki energy works
  • The history of Reiki
  • Ethics and Principles of Reiki energy healing
  • Reiki Level I Initiation & Attunement
  • Hand positions for self-healing
  • Self-healing techniques for expanding personal awareness, wellbeing and spiritual growth


Reiki Level III


Towards the Path of Mastery…

a unique and innovative approach to advanced Reiki training with Reiki Master Practitioners and Teachers: Dani Sutliff, MS and Carolyn Gaar, BA

This course is an innovative and unique program, unlike any other Reiki program available in the area. We truly believe that Reiki students require a program which concentrates on each individual’s manner of being, and way of walking the path of the spiritual Reiki practitioner in the modern world. If you have been searching for deeper spiritual connection with your Reiki practice, this is the program for you. Anyone can learn enhanced technique – and you do learn that here – but the spiritual foundation for each of us as Reiki practitioners is what informs each action we take – and don’t take, each treatment with a client, each thought we think, and each word we say. If this program intrigues you, or answers a call within you, call us at 262-446-6752 for more information.

Topics covered:

  • Reiki Third Eye Attunement for the enhancement and advanced development of psychic and intuitive ability.
  • Advanced diagnostic & healing techniques.
  • Chakras: The development of and psychological and spiritual aspects.
  • Ethics, Morals and Principles of Healing.
  • The basic Universal Laws of energy.
  • Advanced study and application of the 5 spiritual principles of Reiki.
  • Invocation: Connecting with your Reiki Spirit Guides.
  • Advanced Intention, Prayer and Meditation techniques.
  • Healing attunements.
  • Reiki Altars, Crystals & Healing Grids.
  • Reiki as a Spiritual Path.
  • Building a Reiki Practice.

At the completion of this course, students will receive attunement and certification as a Reiki level III (ART) practitioner.

Pre-requisites for Program:

  • Reiki II Attunement and Training
  • Familiarity and understanding of the Reiki II Symbols
  • Commitment to all six months of program


Reiki Share


Reiki Share is a gathering of Reiki Practitioners who meet once a month to build community, honor their work as healers, give and receive Reiki healing energy, share experiences, and learn new techniques.

Those new to Reiki get hands-on ‘practice time’ and an opportunity to enhance their skills. For those who have been attuned, but haven’t practiced in a while, Reiki Share is a great place for a ‘refresher’ and to reconnect to what they have already learned. Reiki Share includes discussion, guided Reiki meditations, and hands-on healing session time.

Reiki Share is one of the pursuits closest to my heart – who are we to spout about how beneficial Reiki is, if we ourselves do not receive it from others? I have personally benefitted from the sharing of both experiences and information with others in ways that I could not have if I did not have this place to connect with others who are intimate with the concerns, questions, and joy that comes from being a Reiki practitioner. In addition, I’ve found receiving Reiki from others allows me to attain a level of relaxation that I don’t always get in my daily self-treatment.

All levels of Reiki practitioners are welcome!!

Reiki Share is offered at Three Sisters’ Spirit in Waukesha, WI the first Wednesday of each month.

Course: 1 ½ hour share ($10.00)